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Company Details:
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter
Main Market: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Worldwide
Brands: KMN
No. of Employees: 50~100
Annual Sales: 100-300
Year Established: 2015
Export p.c: 50% - 60%
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Komeno have been manufacturing and supplying Fused Minerals for Refractories,Abrasives(Boned & Coated),Blasting and Surface Preparation,Coating,Precision Casting,Anti-Slipping,Filter Media etc. Komeno have our own electric arc furnaces, size grading equipments, washing facilities,magnetic contents removing facilities and our own chemical and physical analysis laboratory to make sure that our products conform to various international standard and customized requirements. Main products are Fused Alumina(Fused Aluminium Oxide,Artificial Corundum) and Silicon Carbide(Black&Green) for refractories and abrasives.

Our materials are with good Chemical Content, Fine Particle Distribution, High Cleaness, Little Dust and Magnetic Contents. Our product tracking system and QC on raw materials receival, production and packing ensure the best quality.

Minerals Supplied: Fused Minerals like Brown Fused Alumina,Vice White(Sub White,Grey)Fused Alumina,White Fused alumin,Pink Fused Alumina,Black Fused Alumina,Zirconia Fused Alumina,Single Crystal(Monocrystalline) Fused Alumina,Tabular Alumina,Black Silicon Carbide,Green Silicon Carbide; Other abrasive or blast media like Glass Beads,Garnet,Synthetic Cryolite; Other refractory minerals like Fused Calcium Aluminate,Tap-hole Clay,Gunning Mud,Recarbonizer,Bauxite,Kaolin Clay etc.

Standard: China GB,America ANSI,Japan JIS,Europe FEPA and International ISO.

1, F8-F220, F280-F1500 for bonded abrasives,blasting and polishing

2, P8-P220 for coated abrasives

3,0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,5-8mm,0-0.2mm,0-0.5mm,100mesh,325mesh for refractories;Mesh Sizes, Micron Sizes other other sizes according to customer request.

4, Calcined Fused Alumina(Medium & High Temperature), Second Grade BFA,Low Sodium WFA, Bamarc WFA,Dust Collector Fines of BFA,WFA,Silicon Carbide.


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Komeno(Beijing)International Trading Co.,Ltd. head quarter in Beijing while plant located in Luoyang City, Henan Province, the production center of refractory materials and abrasives. The company's predecessor has been engaged in the production of brown corundum for more than 20 years. The production of white corundum and silicon carbide has been more than 10 years, and it has rich production and market experience in the industry. We also understand the products and raw material requirements of the client. In the grinding wheel industry, the refractory brick industry, the amorphous refractory industry, the sandblasting industry has rich market experience and maintains good communication relations with customers in related fields. We are committed to providing high quality corundum, silicon carbide and other abrasives and raw materials for refractory materials, abrasives, sandblasting, precision casting, metallurgical iron-making and other industries. The company integrates manufacturing and sales, and has rich production experience and terminal sales experience to provide you with professional products and services.


Packing & Transportation

Most of our products are artificial or natural refractory or abrasive minerals which are solid grits or powder, with different colors like brown, black, white, green, pink etc because of their different chemical contents. If not specially instructed, our products can be touched by human body and do no harm basically.

Our minerals are mostly packed in Jumbo Big Bag or Small Bags made of woven plastic or paper. Small bags are usually put into a jumbo big bag or loaded onto a pallet for easy transportation and handling. Below are main types of packing based on big bag type, material of small bag, palletized or not:

a) 25kg Woven Plastic Bag

b) Round Jumbo Big Bag of 1M/T, 1.2M/T, 1.3M/T etc, with sprout on top and bottom, printings on big bags can be customized

c) 25kg Woven Plastic Bag and 40 Bags in a square Jumbo Big Bag

d) 25kg Woven Plastic Bag and 40 bags onto a Wood Pallet, printings on 25kg bag can be customized

e) 25kg Paper Bag and 40 bags on a Wood Pallet, printings on paper bags can be customized

Woven Plastic Bags and Paper Bags with plastic inner part to protect from leaking or moisture

Wood Pallets are shrink-wrapped for protection, and carton corners available to protect the package from possible damage during transportation

Plywood Pallets and Fumigated Wood Pallets both available; Pallet Size available: 0.8m*1.2m Euro Type Pallet, 1m*1m, 1.15m*1.15m, 1.05m*1.05m etc, pallets made with 2 sides or 4 sides for forklift/crane , or made to customer request.

Our products are suitable for common transportations like road transport, railway transport, seaway transport, air transport etc with no special handling except package damage and moisture. For export shipment, products are usually shipped to loading port by trucks, then loaded into containers suitable for international seaway shipment. Because our minerals are usually very heavy, only 20 foot container is chosen because it’s more cost-effective. The maximum weight that be loaded into a 20 foot container is decided by weight and dimension of the packages, requirements of the shipping line, limit of the import country etc, usually 20-27 metric tons.

Storage & Handling

Our minerals do no harm to human body without special care on handling and storage. But because our products are very heavy, special attention should be paid to loading and unloading. Jumbo Big Bags or Pallets should be handled by trained professionals with forklift or cranes. Products should be stored in professional warehouse for refractory or abrasive materials with good ventilation and dry air inside. Measures should be taken to avoid moisture or blast caused by too much powder in the air. Our refratory minerals and abrasive grains may be easy to creat powder in the air, professional equipments hould be worn for professional handling like sand blasting, cutting, polishing etc. If materials are swallowed, please rinse with clean water immediately and seek medical help from doctors.

Sample Policy

We can provide free samples to customer for test. If the quantity required is too much, customer may need to pay for the samples. Beccause of many sample request, customer should pay for the shiping/transportation of the samples. Our laboratory can provice test reports for samples that we deliver, or send samples to laboratories named by customer. Customer is suggested to provide as much information as possible to your contact in Komeno so that we get detailed your requirements and deliver the right samples..

Quality & Quantity

We weigh our products during production and packing on certain frequency. Goods are with reasonable gross weight before shipping. Our scales are checked against standard every 2 months. Reasonable difference on weight should be accepted; if difference too big, settled by negotiation. If it’s our fault to have not sent customer enough quantity, the quantity owed can be shipped with your next order.

Quality of the products should be specified in the contract or PO, or subject to written documents. Customer is suggested to provide as detailed requirements as possible to our sales people. Komeno has our own laboratory for chemical content, particle distribution, sieving, density, magnetic contents etc before shipping out of our warehouse and we will issue certificate of analysis for each batch of production. Reasonable difference on test results should be accepted because of different test equipments, test method and sampling method among different laboratories. If difference too big and can not be settled by negotiation, samples can be sent to a third party loboratory for test again. And the test results should be binding on both parties.

OEM & Customized Product

Komeno Co.,Limited is pleased to do the packing and marking with customer's brand and logo to help expand market and brand marketing.

Besides our standard products,we're also pleased to make customized products of special chemical specifications, particle distribution,special treatment etc according to customer's different applications and special requirements.

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